MLB Draft picks 2021: Full outcomes from Rounds 1-20 in baseball draft

The MLB Draft is one step nearer to its common format. 

The COVID-19 pandemic diminished the 2020 draft to simply 5 rounds from the usual 40. This 12 months, the draft will transfer as much as 20 rounds, plus compensation picks and two aggressive stability rounds, permitting 612 newbie baseball gamers to be drafted by MLB golf equipment. 

As a result of the draft was shortened final season, this 12 months’s class will possible be deeper than in previous years. Many faculty gamers who would have been drafted within the later rounds of a bigger 2020 draft returned to school, which suggests groups will possible nonetheless get worth late on Day 3. Do not anticipate to see many token picks this 12 months. 

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The highest of the 2021 class is a powerful combine of highschool shortstops and faculty arms. Vanderbilt pitchers Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker  are essentially the most well-known names within the class, whereas shortstops Marcelo Mayer, Jordan Lawlar, Brady Home and Kahlil Watson ought to all be chosen early. Then there’s the highest faculty bat — catcher Henry Davis — and an distinctive highschool arm — right-hander Jackson Jobe — who additionally ought to anticipate to listen to their names referred to as early. 

Sporting Information is monitoring each decide within the 2021 MLB Draft beneath. 

MLB MOCK DRAFT: Jack Leiter lands with Rangers; 7 excessive schoolers projected for first 10 picks

MLB Draft tracker 2021: Stay picks, outcomes from Rounds 1-20

  • Spherical 1 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
1 Pirates Henry Davis C Louisville
2 Rangers Jack Leiter RHP Vanderbilt
3 Tigers Jackson Jobe RHP Heritage Corridor Excessive (Oklahoma)
4 Crimson Sox Marcelo Mayer SS Eastlake Excessive (California)
5 Orioles Colton Cowser OF Sam Houston
6 Diamondbacks Jordan Lawlar SS Jesuit Prep (Texas)
7 Royals Frank Mozzicato LHP East Catholic Excessive (Connecticut)
8 Rockies Benny Montgomery OF Crimson Land Excessive (Pennsylvania)
9 Angels Sam Bachman RHP Miami (Ohio)
10 Mets Kumar Rocker RHP Vanderbilt
11 Nationals Brady Home SS Winder-Barrow Excessive (Georgia)
12 Mariners Harry Ford C North Cobb Excessive (Georgia)
13 Phillies Andrew Painter RHP Calvary Christian Excessive (Florida)
14 Giants Will Bednar RHP Mississippi State
15 Brewers Sal Frelick OF Boston Faculty
16 Marlins Kahlil Watson SS Wake Forest Excessive (North Carolina)
17 Reds Matt McLain SS UCLA
18 Cardinals Michael McGreevy RHP UC Santa Barbara
19 Blue Jays Gunnar Hoglund RHP Mississippi
20 Yankees Trey Sweeney SS Japanese Illinois
21 Cubs Jordan Wicks LHP Kansas State
22 White Sox Colson Montgomery 3B Southridge Excessive (Indiana)
23 Indians Gavin Williams RHP East Carolina
24 Braves Ryan Cusick RHP Wake Forest
25 Athletics Max Muncy SS Thousand Oaks Excessive (California)
26 Twins Chase Petty RHP Mainland Regional Excessive (New Jersey)
27 Padres Jackson Merrill SS Severna Park Excessive (Maryland)
28 Rays Carson Williams SS/RHP Torrey Pines Excessive (California)
29 Dodgers Maddux Bruns LHP UMS-Wright Prep (Alabama)
  • Compensation decide end result

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
30 Reds Jay Allen OF John Carroll Excessive (Florida)
  • Aggressive Steadiness Spherical A outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
31 Marlins Joe Mack C Williamsville East Excessive (New York)
32 Tigers Ty Madden RHP Texas
33 Brewers Tyler Black 2B Wright State
34 Rays Cooper Kinney 2B The Baylor Faculties (Tennessee)
35 Reds Matheu Nelson C Florida State
36 Twins Noah Miller SS Ozaukee Excessive (Wisconsin)
  • Spherical 2 outcomes

Rounds 2-10 will happen on Monday, July 12. 

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
37 Pirates Anthony Solometo P Bishop Eustace Prep Faculty (New Jersey)
38 Rangers Aaron Zavala OF Oregon
39 Tigers Izaac Pacheco SS Friendswood Excessive Faculty (Texas)
40 Crimson Sox Jud Fabian OF Florida
41 Orioles Connor Norby 2B East Carolina
42 Diamondbacks Ryan Bliss SS Auburn
43 Royals Ben Kudma P Blue Valley Southwest HS (Kansas)
44 Rockies Jaden Hill P LSU
45 Angels Ky Bush P St. Mary’s Faculty
46 Mets Calvin Ziegler P St. Mary’s Catholic SS (Canada)
47 Nationals Daylen Lile OF Trinity HS (Kentucky)
48 Mariners Edwin Arroyo SS Central Level Christian Academy (Florida)
49 Phillies Ethan Wilson OF College of South Alabama
50 Giants Matt Mikulski P Fordham
51 Brewers Russell Smith P TCU
52 Marlins Cody Morissette SS Boston Faculty
53 Reds Andrew Abbott P Virginia
54 Cardinals Joshua Baez OF Dexter Faculty
55 Yankees Brendan Beck P Stanford
56 Cubs James Triantos 3B James Madison Excessive Faculty (Virginia)
57 White Sox Wes Kath 3B Desert Mountain Excessive Faculty (Arizona)
58 Indians Doug Nikhazy P Ole Miss
59 Braves Spencer Schwellenbach P Nebraska
60 Athletics Zack Gelof 3B Virginia
61 Twins Steven Hajjar P Michigan
62 Padres James Wooden OF IMG Academy
63 Rays Kyle Manzardo 1B Washington State
  • Aggressive Steadiness Spherical B outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
64 Pirates Lonnie White Jr. OF Malvern Prep Faculty (Pennsylvania)
65 Orioles Reed Trumple OF Southern Mississippi
66 Royals Peyton Wilson 2B Alabama
67 Diamondbacks Adrian Del Castillo C Miami
68 Rockies Joe Rock Ohio P
69 Indians Tommy Mace P Florida
70 Cardinals Ryan Holgate OF Arizona
71 Padres Robert Gasser P Houston
  • Spherical 3 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
72 Pirates Bubba Chandler P North Oconee Excessive Faculty (Georgia)
73 Rangers Cameron Cauley SS Barbers Hill Excessive Faculty (Texas)
74 Tigers Dylan Smith P Alabama
75 Crimson Sox Tyler McDonough 2B NC State
76 Orioles John Rhodes OF Kentucky
77 Diamondbacks Jacob Steinmetz P ELEV8 Baseball Academy (Florida)
78 Royals Carter Jensen P Park Hill Senior Excessive Faculty (Missouri)
79 Rockies McCade Brown P Indiana
80 Angels Landon Marceaux P LSU
81 Mets Dominic Hamel P Dallas Baptist
82 Nationals Branden Boissiere OF Arizona
83 Mariners Michael Morales P East Pennsboro Excessive Faculty (Pennsylvania)
84 Phillies Jordan Viars OF Rick Reedy Excessive Faculty (Texas)
85 Giants Mason Black P Lehigh
86 Brewers Alex Binelas 3B Louisville
87 Astros Tyler Whitaker OF Bishop Gorman Excessive Faculty (Florida)
88 Marlins Jordan McCants SS Pensacola Catholic Excessive Faculty (Florida)
89 Reds Jose Torres SS NC State
90 Cardinals Austin Love P North Carolina
91 Blue Jays Ricky Tiedemann P Golden West Faculty
92 Yankees Brock Selvidge P Hamilton Excessive Faculty (Arizona)
93 Cubs Drew Grey P IMG Academy
94 White Sox Sean Burke P Maryland
95 Indians Jake Fox SS Lakeland Christian Faculty (Florida)
96 Braves Dylan Dodd P Southeast Missouri State
97 Athletics Mason Miller P Gardner-Webb College
98 Twins Cade Povich P Nebraska
99 Padres Kevin Kopps P Arkansas
100 Rays Ryan Spikes 2B Parkview Excessive Faculty (Georgia)
101 Dodgers Peter Heubeck P Gilman Faculty (Maryland)
  • Spherical 4 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
102 Pirates Owen Kellington P U-32 Excessive Faculty (Vermont)
103 Rangers Ian Moller C Wahlert Excessive Faculty (Iowa)
104 Tigers Tyler Mattison P Bryant College
105 Crimson Sox Elmer Rodriguez-Cruz P Management Christian Academy
106 Orioles Donta’ Williams OF Arizona
107 Diamondbacks Chad Patrick P Purdue College Northwest
108 Royals Shane Panzini P Crimson Financial institution Catholic Excessive Faculty (New Jersey)
109 Rockies Hunter Goodman C College of Memphis
110 Angels Luke Murphy P Vanderbilt
111 Mets JT Schwartz 1B UCLA
112 Nationals Dustin Saenz P Texas A&M
113 Mariners Bryce Miller P Texas A&M
114 Phillies Micah Ottenbreit P Trenton Excessive Faculty (Mississippi)
115 Giants Eric Silva P JSerra Catholic Excessive Faculty (California)
116 Brewers Logan Henderson P McLennan Group Faculty
117 Astros Alex Ulloa SS Calvary Christian Academy
118 Marlins Tanner Allen OF Mississippi State
119 Reds Ruben Ibarra 1B San Jose State
120 Cardinals Zane Mills P Washington State
121 Blue Jays Chad Dallas P Tennessee
122 Yankees Cooper Bowman 2B Louisville
123 Cubs Christian Franklin OF Arkansas
124 White Sox Brooks Gosswin P Bradley College
125 Indians Ryan Webb P Georgia
126 Braves Cal Conley SS Texas Tech
127 Athletics Denzel Clarke OF Cal State Northride
128 Twins Christopher Encarnacion-Strand 3B OK State
129 Padres Jackson Wolf P West Virginia
130 Rays Dru Baker OF Texas Tech
131 Dodgers Nick Nastrini P UCLA
  • Compensation decide end result

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
132 Astros Chayce McDermott RHP Ball State
  • Spherical 5 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
133 Pirates Jackson Glenn 3B Dallas Baptist
134 Rangers Mitch Bratt P Georgia Premier Academy
135 Tigers Tanner Kohlhepp P Notre Dame
136 Crimson Sox Nathan Hickey C Florida
137 Orioles Carlos Tavera P College of Texas
138 Diamondbacks Caleb Roberts C North Carolina
139 Royals Eric Cerantola P Mississippi State
140 Rockies Evan Justice P NC State
141 Angels Brett Kerry P South Carolina
142 Mets Christian Scott P Florida
143 Nationals TJ White OF Dorman Excessive Faculty (South Carolina)
144 Mariners Andy Thomas C Baylor
145 Phillies Griff McGarry P Virginia
146 Giants Rohan Handa P Yale
147 Brewers Ethan Murray SS Duke
148 Astros Quincy Hamilton OF Wright State College
149 Marlins Brady Allen OF South Carolina
150 Reds Thomas Farr P South Carolina
151 Cardinals Gordon Graceffo P Villanova
152 Blue Jays Irv Carter P Calvary Christian Academy (Florida)
153 Yankees Tyler Hardman 1B Oklahoma
154 Cubs Liam Spence SS Tennessee
155 White Sox Tanner McDougal P Silverado Excessive Faculty (Nevada)
156 Indians Tanner Bibee P Cal State Fullerton
157 Braves Luke Waddell SS Georgia Tech
158 Athletics CJ Rodriguez C Vanderbilt
159 Twins Christian MacLeod P Mississippi State
160 Padres Max Ferguson 2B Tennessee
161 Rays Mason Auer OF San Jacinto Faculty North
162 Dodgers Ben Casparius P Connecticut
  • Spherical 6 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
163 Pirates Mike Jarvis SS San Diego State
164 Rangers Chase Lee P Alabama
165 Tigers Austin Murr OF NC State
166 Crimson Sox Daniel McElveny UT Bonita Vista Excessive Faculty (California)
167 Orioles Collin Burnes SS Tulane
168 Diamondbacks Luke Albright P Kent State
169 Royals Dayton Dooney 2B Central Arizona Faculty
170 Rockies Braxton Fulford C Texas Tech
171 Angels Jake Smith P Miami
172 Mets Carson Seymour P Kansas State
173 Nationals Michael Kirian P Louisville
174 Mariners Bryan Woo P Cal Poly
175 Phillies Jose Pena Jr. P Tampa Preparatory Faculty (Florida)
176 Giants Seth Lonsway P Ohio State
177 Brewers Carlos Rodriguez P Florida SouthWestern State Faculty
178 Astros Spencer Arrighetti P College of Louisiana at Lafayette
179 Marlins Sam Praytor C Alabama
180 Reds Justice Thompson OF North Carolina
181 Cardinals Alfredo Ruiz P Lengthy Seashore State
182 Blue Jays Hayden Juenger P Missouri State
183 Yankees Richard Fitts P Auburn
184 Cubs Riley Martin P Quincy College
185 White Sox Taylor Broadway P Ole Miss
186 Indians Aaron Davenport P Hawaii
187 Braves Justin-Henry Malloy 3B Georgia Tech
188 Athletics Grant Holman P California
189 Twins Travis Adams P Sacramento State
190 Padres Ryan Bergert P West Virginia
191 Rays Mason Montgomery P Texas Tech
192 Dodgers Emmet Sheehan P Boston Faculty
  • Spherical 7 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
193 Pirates Wyatt Hendrie C San Diego State
194 Rangers Bradford Webb RHP Virginia Commonwealth
195 Tigers Brant Hurter LHP Georgia Tech
196 Crimson Sox Wyatt Olds RHP Oklahoma
197 Orioles Connor Pavolony C Tennessee
198 Diamondbacks Scott Randall RHP Sacramento State
199 Royals Noah Cameron LHP Central Arkansas
200 Rockies Evan Shawver LHP Cincinnati
201 Angels Ryan Costeiu RHP Arkansas
202 Mets Kevin Kendall SS UCLA
203 Nationals Jacob Younger OF Florida
204 Mariners Colin Davis OF Wofford
205 Phillies Christian McGowan RHP Japanese Oklahoma State Junior Faculty
206 Giants Nick Sinacola RHP Maine
207 Brewers Tristan Peters OF Southern Illionois College Carbondale
208 Astros Joey Loperfido OF Duke
209 Marlins Gabe Bierman RHP Indiana
210 Reds Kevin Abel RHP Oregon State
211 Cardinals Alec Willis RHP Regis Jesuit Excessive (Colorado)
212 Blue Jays Jaden Rudd OF A. Crawford Mosley Excessive (Florida)
213 Yankees Robert Ahlstrom LHP Oregon
214 Cubs Parker Chavers OF Coastal Carolina
215 White Sox Theo Denlinger RHP Bradley College
216 Indians Jack Leftwich RHP Florida
217 Braves AJ Smith-Shawver RHP Colleyville Heritage Excessive (Texas)
218 Athletics Brett Harris 3B Gonzaga
219 Twins Jake Rucker 3B Tennessee
220 Padres Ryan Och LHP Southern Mississippi
221 Rays Logan Workman RHP Lee
222 Dodgers Ryan Sublette RHP Texas Tech
  • Spherical 8 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
223 Pirates Sean Sullivan RHP California
224 Rangers Larson Kindreich LHP Biola College
225 Tigers Jordan Marks RHP South Carolina Upstate
226 Crimson Sox Hunter Dobbins RHP Texas Tech
227 Orioles Creed Willems C Aledo Excessive (Texas)
228 Diamondbacks Gavin Conticello 3B Marjory Stoneman Douglas Excessive (Florida)
229 Royals Ryan Cepero SS Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico)
230 Rockies Robby Martin Jr.  OF Florida State
231 Angels Nick Jones LHP Georgia Southern
232 Mets Mike Vasil RHP Virginia
233 Nationals Will Frizzell 1B Texas A&M
234 Mariners James Parker SS Clemson
235 Phillies Jason Ruffcorn RHP Oklahoma
236 Giants Ian Villers RHP California
237 Brewers Zack Raabe 2B Minnesota
238 Astros Colton Gordon LHP Central Florida
239 Marlins Pat Monteverde LHP Texas Tech
240 Reds Hunter Parks RHP Florence-Darlington Tech
241 Cardinals Mike Antico OF Texas
242 Blue Jays Hunter Gregory RHP Outdated Dominion
243 Yankees Will Warren RHP Southern Louisiana
244 Cubs Casey Opitz C Arkansas
245 White Sox Fraser Ellard LHP Liberty
246 Indians Rodney Boone LHP UC Santa Barbara
247 Braves Tyler Collins OF McKinney Boyd Excessive (Texas)
248 Athletics Drew Swift SS Arizona State
249 Twins Noah Cardenas C UCLA
250 Padres Lucas Dunn 2B Kentucky
251 Rays Patrick Wicklander LHP Arkansas
252 Dodgers Ben Harris LHP Georgia
  • Spherical 9 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
253 Pirates Luke Brown OF Louisville
254 Rangers Liam Hicks C Arkansas State
255 Tigers Garrett Burhenn RHP Ohio State
256 Crimson Sox Tyler Miller 3B Auburn
257 Orioles Ryan Higgins 3B Fresno State
258 Diamondbacks Jake Rice LHP Kennesaw State
259 Royals Parker Bates OF Louisiana Tech
260 Rockies Cullen Kafka RHP Oregon
261 Angels Braden Olthoff RHP Tulane
262 Mets Levi David RHP Northwestern State
263 Nationals Cole Quintanilla RHP Texas
264 Mariners Spencer Packard OF Campbell
265 Phillies Gavin Tonkel OF Heritage Excessive (California)
266 Giants Mat Olsen RHP Central Arizona Faculty
267 Brewers Brannon Jordan RHP South Carolina
268 Astros Aaron Brown RHP Center Tennessee
269 Marlins Jake Schrand RHP Wright State
270 Reds Jack Rogers OF Sam Houston
271 Cardinals Trent Baker RHP Angelo State
272 Blue Jays Conor Larkin RHP Penn State
273 Yankees Chandler Champlain RHP USC
274 Cubs Chase Watkins LHP Oregon State
275 White Sox Gil Luna LHP Arizona
276 Indians Will Dion LHP McNeese State
277 Braves Liam McGill C Bryant
278 Athletics Shane McGuire C San Diego
279 Twins Patrick Winkel C Connecticut
280 Padres Garrett Hawkins RHP British Columbia
281 Rays Alex Ayala LHP Florida SouthWestern State Faculty
282 Dodgers Lael Lockhart LHP Arkansas
  • Spherical 10 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
283 Pirates Justin Meis RHP Japanese Michigan
284 Rangers CJ Widger LHP Rowan Col at Gloucester County
285 Tigers Austin Schultz OF Kentucky
286 Crimson Sox Matt Litwicki RHP Indiana
287 Orioles Billy Cook dinner 3B Pepperdine
288 Diamondbacks Hugh Fisher LHP Vanderbilt
289 Royals Shane Connolly LHP Virginia Tech
290 Rockies Zach Kokoska OF Kansas State
291 Angels Andrew Peters RHP South Carolina
292 Mets Keyshawn Askew LHP Clemson
293 Nationals Darren Baker 2B California
294 Mariners Jordan Jackson RHP Georgia Southern
295 Phillies Logan Cerny OF Troy
296 Giants Vaun Brown OF Florida Southern
297 Brewers Wes Clarke 1B South Carolina
298 Astros Michael Sandle OF South Alabama
299 Marlins Hunter Perdue RHP Florida State
300 Reds Donovan Benoit RHP Tulane
301 Cardinals Osvaldo Tovalin 3B Azusa Pacific
302 Blue Jays Connor Cooke RHP College of Louisiana at Lafayette
303 Yankees Benjamin Cowles SS Maryland
304 Cubs Peter Matt OF Duke
305 White Sox Tommy Sommer LHP Indiana
306 Indians Franco Aleman RHP Florida
307 Braves Dylan Spain RHP Hawaii
308 Athletics Jack Winkler SS San Francisco
309 Twins Ernie Yake SS Gonzaga
310 Padres Colton Bender C Quinnipiac
311 Rays Austin Vernon RHP North Carolina Central
312 Dodgers Michael Hobbs RHP St. Mary’s Faculty
  • Spherical 11 outcomes

Rounds 11-20 will happen on Tuesday, July 13. 

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
313 Pirates Jack Carey P Duke
314 Rangers JoJo Blackmon OF Escambia Excessive Faculty (Florida)
315 Tigers Josh Crouch C Central Florida
316 Crimson Sox Niko Kavadas 1B Notre Dame
317 Orioles Dylan Heid P College of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
318 Diamondbacks Tim Tawa 2B Stanford
319 Royals Brennon McNair SS Magee Excessive Faculty (Mississippi)
320 Rockies Nic Kent SS Virginia
321 Angels Chase Silseth P Arizona
322 Mets Rowdey Jordan OF Mississippi State
323 Nationals Marc Davis P Florida Southwestern State Faculty
324 Mariners William Fleming P Wake Forest
325 Phillies Andrew Baker P Chipola Faculty
326 Giants Donovan McIntyre OF Marian Catholic Excessive Faculty (Illinois)
327 Brewers Roc Riggio OF Thousan Oaks Excessive Faculty (California)
328 Astros Chad Stevens SS College of Portland
329 Marlins Jesse Bergin P UCLA
330 Reds Shawn Guilliams P Central Florida
331 Cardinals Mack Chambers SS New Mexico
332 Blue Jays Trenton Wallace P Iowa
333 Yankees Jack Neely Ohio State P
334 Cubs Gage Ziehl P Penfield Excessive Faculty (New York)
335 White Sox Christian Edwards P Jacksonville State (Alabama)
336 Indians Hunter Stanley P Southern Mississippi
337 Braves Adam Shoemaker P St. Benedict Catholic Secondary Faculty (Canada)
338 Athletics Eduardo Rivera P Colegio Cadest (Puerto Rico)
339 Twins Brandon Birdsell P Texas Tech
340 Padres River Ryan P UNC Pembroke
341 Rays Sean Mullen P UCLA
342 Dodgers Justin Wrobleski P OK State
  • Spherical 12 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
343 Pirates Chazz Martinez P Orange Coast Faculty
344 Rangers Jackson Leath P Tennessee
345 Tigers Mike Rothenberg C Duke
346 Crimson Sox Christopher Troye P UC Santa Barbara
347 Orioles Justin Ambruester P New Mexico
348 Diamondbacks Davis Diaz SS Acalenes Excessive Faculty (California)
349 Royals Tyson Guerrero P Washington
350 Rockies Mason Inexperienced P College of Central Missouri
351 Angels Mason Albright P IMG Academy
352 Mets Jack-Thomas Wold OF UNLV
353 Nationals Andrew Alvarez P Cal Poly
354 Mariners Corey Rosier OF UNC Greensboro
355 Phillies TJ Rumfield 3B Virginia Tech
356 Giants Landen Roupp P UNC Wilmington
357 Brewers Caden Vire P Skyview Excessive Faculty
358 Astros Rhett Kouba P Dallas Baptist 
359 Marlins Brandon White P Washington State
360 Reds Julian Agular P Cypress Faculty
361 Cardinals Chris Gerard P Virginia Tech
362 Blue Jays Riley Tirotta 3B Dayton
363 Yankees Ben Rice C Dartmouth
364 Cubs Teo Banks OF Permian Excessive Faculty (Texas)
365 White Sox Johnny Ray P TCU
366 Indians Connor Kokx OF Lengthy Seashore State
367 Braves Andrew Hoffman P Illinois
368 Athletics Mitch Myers P Pittsburgh
369 Twins Kyler Fedko OF Connecticut
370 Padres Marcos Castanon SS UC Santa Barbara
371 Rays Jonny Cuevas P Faculty of Southern Nevada
372 Dodgers Ronan Kopp P South Mountain Group Faculty
  • Spherical 13 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
373 Pirates Owen Sharts P Nevada
374 Rangers Thomas Eire P Polk State Faculty
375 Tigers Chris Meyers 3B Toledo
376 Crimson Sox Zach Eherhard SS Wharton Excessive Faculty (Florida)
377 Orioles Jacob Teter 1B Florida Southern
378 Diamondbacks Josh Swales P Faculty of Southern Nevada
379 Royals Patrick Halligan P Pensacola State Faculty
380 Rockies EJ Andrews Jr. OF Fresno State
381 Angels Mo Hanley P Adrian Faculty
382 Mets Matt Rudick OF San Diego State
383 Nationals Mack Anglin P Clemson
384 Mariners Ben Ramirez SS USC
385 Phillies Jared Carr OF Shepherd College
386 Giants Jared Dupere OF Northeastern
387 Brewers Quinton Low P Chatfield Excessive Faculty (Colorado)
388 Astros Kobe Kate 2B Arizona
389 Marlins Chandler Jozwiak P Texas A&M
390 Reds Michael Trautwein C Northwestern
391 Cardinals Jayes Heinecke P Wofford
392 Blue Jays Matt Swanson P Lehigh
393 Yankees Zach Messinger P Virginia
394 Cubs Erian Rodriguez P Georgia Premier Academy
395 White Sox Colby Smelley C Shelton State Group Faculty
396 Indians Davis Sharpe P Clemson
397 Braves Adam Zebrowski C St. John Fisher Faculty
398 Athletics Aaron Vacation P Outdated Dominion
399 Twins David Festa P Seton Corridor
400 Padres Kobe Robinson P Chattanooga State Group Faculty
401 Rays Bobby Seymore 1B Wake Forest
402 Dodgers Antonio Knowles P Florida Southwestern State Faculty
  • Spherical 14 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
403 Pirates Braylon Bishop OF Arkansas Excessive Faculty (Arkansas)
404 Rangers Tucker Mitchell C State Faculty of Florida Manatee
405 Tigers RJ Petit P Charleston Southern
406 Crimson Sox Jacob Webb P Miami College
407 Orioles Daniel Lloyd P South Carolina
408 Diamondbacks Channy Ortiz SS Grand Canyon College
409 Royals Caden Monke P Arkansas
410 Rockies Tyler Ras P Alabama
411 Angels Eric Torres P Kansas State
412 Mets Nathan Lavender P Illinois
413 Nationals Erik Tolman P Arizona State
414 Mariners Andrew Moore P Chipola Faculty
415 Phillies Jose Acuna-Valadez OF Veterans Memorial Excessive Faculty (Texas)
416 Giants Tyler Myrick P Florida Worldwide
417 Brewers Jace Avina OF Spanish Springs Excessive Faculty (Nevada)
418 Astros Bryant Salgado P Oregon State
419 Marlins Holt Jones Jr. P Kentucky
420 Reds Carter Raffield P College of California – Irvine
421 Cardinals Andre Granillo P College of California – Riverside
422 Blue Jays Damiano Palmegiani 3B Faculty of Southern Nevada
423 Yankees Sean Hermann P Durant Excessive Faculty (Florida)
424 Cubs Frankie Scalzo Jr. P Grand Canyon College
425 White Sox Noah Owen P Golden West Faculty
426 Indians Trenton Denholm P College of California – Irvine
427 Braves Caleb Durbin SS Washington W
428 Athletics Jonny Butler OF NC State
429 Twins Pierson Ohl P Grand Canyon College
430 Padres Adam Smith P UNC Wilmington
431 Rays Antonio Menendez P Wake Forest
432 Dodgers Jordan Leasure P College of Tampa
  • Spherical 15 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
433 Pirates Tyler Samaniego P College of South Alabama
434 Rangers Evan Elliott P Lethbridge Faculty (Canada)
435 Tigers Blake Holub P St. Edwards College
436 Crimson Sox Payton Inexperienced SS Inexperienced Hope Excessive Faculty (North Carolina)
437 Orioles Keagan Gillies P Tulane
438 Diamondbacks Shane Muntz C Wake Forest
439 Royals River City OF Dallas Baptist
440 Rockies Benjamin Sems SS Michigan
441 Angels Glenn Albanese Jr. P Louisville
442 Mets Wyatt Younger SS Pepperdine
443 Nationals Jaden Fein OF San Diego State
444 Mariners Cole Barr 3B Indiana
445 Phillies Matt Osterberg P St. Cloud State
446 Giants Brooks Baldwin SS UNC Wilmington
447 Brewers Hunter Hollan P San Jacinto Faculty North
448 Astros Adrian Chaidez P UCLA
449 Marlins Caleb Wurster P Connecticut
450 Reds Blake Dunn OF Western Michigan
451 Cardinals Alex Cornwell P USC
452 Blue Jays Garrett Spain OF Austin Peay
453 Yankees Danny Watson P VCU
454 Cubs BJ Murray Jr. 3B Florida Atlantic
455 White Sox Cameron Butler OF Massive Valley Christian Excessive Faculty (California)
456 Indians Alaska Abney P Coastal Carolina
457 Braves Christian Robinson OF Stanford
458 Athletics Luke Anderson P College of Central Oklahoma
459 Twins Mikey Perez SS UCLA
460 Padres Anthony Vilar C Miami
461 Rays Connor Angel P College of Louisiana at Lafayette
462 Dodgers Madison Jeffrey P West Virginia
  • Spherical 16 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
463 Pirates Daniel Corona SS The Baylor Faculties
464 Rangers Ryan Ure P Eaton Excessive Faculty (Colorado)
465 Tigers Jack Anderson P Florida State
466 Crimson Sox BJ Vela 2B Reedley Junior Faculty (California)
467 Orioles Peter Van Loon P College of California – Irvine
468 Diamondbacks Jacen Roberson OF CSU Bakersfield
469 Royals Anthony Simonelli P Virginia Tech
470 Rockies Braiden Ward OF Washington
471 Angels Brandon Dufault P Northeastern
472 Mets Trey McLoughlin P Fairfield
473 Nationals Jack Sinclair P Central Florida
474 Mariners Jimmy Joyce P Hofstra
475 Phillies Ty Collins P Glendale Faculty
476 Giants Julian Bosnic P South Carolina
477 Brewers Kaylan Nicasia SS Champagnat Catholic Faculty (Florida)
478 Astros Nic Swanson P Northeastern State
479 Marlins Ivan Melendez 3B Texas
480 Reds Owen Holt P Alvin Group Faculty (Texas)
481 Cardinals Aaron McKeithan C UNC Charlotte
482 Blue Jays Micah Bucknam P Mennonite Instructional Institute (Canada)
483 Yankees Cole Ayers P State Faculty of Florida Manatee
484 Cubs Zachary Leigh P Texas State
485 White Sox Terrell Tatum OF NC State
486 Indians Zach Pettway P UCLA
487 Braves Kris Anglin P Howard Faculty
488 Athletics Colton Johnson P Illinois State
489 Twins Johnathan Lavallee P Lengthy Seashore State
490 Padres Alek Jacob P Gonzaga
491 Rays Ian Leatherman P Central Michigan
492 Dodgers Michael Sirota SS The Gunnery Faculty
  • Spherical 17 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
493 Pirates Carlos Lomeli P St. Mary’s Faculty
494 Rangers Michael Alfonso SS Key West Excessive Faculty (Florida)
495 Tigers Aaron Haase P Wichita State
496 Crimson Sox Luis Guerrero P Chipola Faculty
497 Orioles Ryan Lengthy P Pomona-Pitzer Faculty
498 Diamondbacks Drake Varnado SS IMG Academy
499 Royals Luca Tresh C NC State
500 Rockies Jarrod Cande P Florida Southern
501 Angels Mason Erla P Michigan State
502 Mets Nick Zwack P Xavier
503 Nationals Brendan Collins P UNC Greensboro
504 Mariners Jimmy Kingsbury P Villanova
505 Phillies Alex Garbrick P College of South Carolina Upstate
506 Giants Brett Standlee P Oklahoma State
507 Brewers Will Rogers C Mounds View Excessive Faculty (Minnesota)
508 Astros Justin Williams 3B Penn State
509 Marlins Justin Fall P Arizona State
510 Reds Dennis Boatman P Sacramento Group Faculty 
511 Cardinals Elijah Cabell OF  Florida State
512 Blue Jays Cooper Benson P Arizona State
513 Yankees Grant Richardson OF Indiana
514 Cubs Christian Olivo SS Management Christian Academy (Puerto Rico)
515 White Sox Jayson Gonzalez 3B Vanderbilt
516 Indians Tyler Thorntorn P Arizona State
517 Braves Tyler Tolve C Kennesaw State
518 Athletics Kyle Virbitsky P Penn State
519 Twins Dylan Neuse 2B Texas Tech
520 Padres Luke Boyd P Baylor
521 Rays Conor Dryer P College of Central Missouri
522 Dodgers Adam Tulloch P West Virginia
  • Spherical 18 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
523 Pirates AJ Graham SS Gaither Excessive Faculty (Florida)
524 Rangers Kyle Larsen P TNXL Academy (Florida)
525 Tigers Ben Mageri OF Northeastern
526 Crimson Sox Phillip Sikes OF TCU
527 Orioles Conor Grady P Florida State
528 Diamondbacks Joey Spence C West Ben East Excessive Faculty (Wisconsin)
529 Royals Harrison Beethe P TCU
530 Rockies Bryce McGowan P UNC Charlotte
531 Angels Nick Mondak P St. John’s
532 Mets Kolby Kubichek P Texas
533 Nationals Steve Williams C Auburn
534 Mariners Riley Davis P UAB
535 Phillies Malik Binns P Benedictine U Mesa
536 Giants Hunter Dula P Wingate
537 Brewers Ryne Moore P Outdated Dominion
538 Astros Will Wagner 2B Liberty College
539 Marlins Bennett Hostetler SS North Dakota State
540 Reds Austin Callahan 3B Hutchinson Group Faculty (Kansas)
541 Cardinals Andrew Marrero P Connecticut
542 Blue Jays Jimmy Burnette P Saint Leo College
543 Yankees Bailey Dees P Penn State
544 Cubs Dominic Hambley P Belmont Secondary Faculty (Canada)
545 White Sox Adam Hackenberg C Clemson
546 Indians Tommy Ventimiglia P Longwood Excessive Faculty (New York)
547 Braves Austin Smith P Arizona
548 Athletics Dayton 2B Dayton
549 Twins Mike Paredes P San Diego State College
550 Padres Gage Soar P JSerra Catholic Excessive Faculty (California)
551 Rays Kenny Piper C Columbia Faculty
552 Dodgers Damon Keith OF California Baptist College
  • Spherical 19 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
553 Pirates Drew Irvine P Iowa
554 Rangers Will Taylor OF Dutch Fork Excessive Faculty (South Carolina)
555 Tigers Justice Bigbie 1B Western Carolina
556 Crimson Sox Tyler Uberstine P Northwestern
557 Orioles Alex Pham P College of San Francisco
558 Diamondbacks Eric Hammond P Keller Excessive Faculty (Texas)
559 Royals Cam Williams 3B Texas
560 Rockies Elijah Trest P Arkansas
561 Angels Nathan Burns P Oregon State
562 Mets Drake Osborn C College of Louisiana Lafayette
563 Nationals Riggs Threadgill P McLennan Group Faculty (Texas)
564 Mariners Charlie Welch C Arkansas
565 Phillies Seth Halvorsen P Missouri
566 Giants Irvin Murr 3B Winter Springs Excessive Faculty (Florida)
567 Brewers Carter Holton P Benedictine Army Faculty (Georgia)
568 Astros Hector G. Nieves SS Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
569 Marlins Noah Williamson OF Everett Group Faculty (Washington)
570 Reds Ryan Cardona P Marist
571 Cardinals Thomas Francisco 1B East Carolina
572 Blue Jays Juan Gonzalez C Miami Dade Faculty
573 Yankees Dominic Keegan C Vanderbilt
574 Cubs Daniel Avitia P Alhambra Excessive Faculty (Arizona)
575 White Sox Shawn Goosenberg SS Northwestern
576 Indians Reid Johnston P NC State
577 Braves Samuel Strickland P Samford College
578 Athletics Blake Beers P Michigan
579 Twins Jaylen Nowlin P Chipola Faculty
580 Padres Gabriel Rincones OF St. Petersburg Faculty
581 Rays Sean Hunley P Tennessee
582 Dodgers Gabe Emmett P Folsom Lake Faculty
  • Spherical 20 outcomes

Choose Staff Participant Place Faculty
583 Pirates Brenden Dixon SS Weatherford Faculty
584 Rangers Joseph Montalvo P Central Pointe Christian Academy
585 Tigers JD McLaughlin CF Central Arizona Faculty
586 Crimson Sox Josh Hood SS Pennsylvania
587 Orioles Trendon Craig OF Louisburg Faculty
588 Diamondbacks John Carver P Dallas Baptist
589 Royals Jack Aldrich P Tulane
590 Rockies Tyler Ahearn P Florida State
591 Angels Marcelo Perez P TCU
592 Mets Justin Guerrera SS Fairfield
593 Nationals Elie Kligman C Cimarron-Memorial Excessive Faculty (Nevada)
594 Mariners Troy Taylor P Cypress Faculty
595 Phillies Cam Wynne P Nebraska
596 Giants Vance Honeycutt SS Salisbury Excessive Faculty (North Carolina)
597 Brewers Samuel Mendez P Cisco Junior Faculty (Texas)
598 Astros Jackson Linn OF Cambridge Rindge and Latin Faculty
599 Marlins Zach Zubia 1B Texas
600 Reds Javi Rivera P Florida Atlantic
601 Cardinals Xavier Casserilla 3B VR Eaton Excessive Faculty (Texas)
602 Blue Jays Luke Holman P Wilson Excessive Faculty (Pennsylvania)
603 Yankees Sean Exhausting P St. Joseph Regional Faculty (New Jersey)
604 Cubs Wilson Cunningham P JSerra Catholic Excessive Faculty (California)
605 White Sox Haylen Inexperienced P TCU
606 Indians Jake Miller P College of San Diego
607 Braves Ty Evans OF Lakeland Christian Faculty
608 Athletics Hunter Breautl P Oregon
609 Twins Dillon Tatum C UC Irvine
610 Padres Chase Burns P Beech Excessive Faculty (Tennessee)
611 Rays Kamron Fields P Texas Southern
612 Dodgers Charlie Connolly P Navy

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